Every individual copes with loss and change in their own way. Grief counseling is tailored to the person's unique experiences and needs. The following are some suggestions others have found helpful in coping with transitions, grief and loss.


Suggestions For Coping With Grief and Loss


  1. Get support.  Talk to or lean on the people who care about you.  Do not grieve alone.
  2. Find comfort through your faith or spirituality.  Use prayer or meditation as a means of healthy coping skils.
  3. Support groups.  Some individuals find sharing sorrow with others going through a similar loss can be helpful in the healing process.  Contact hospices, churches or community mential health centers to find a support group near you.
  4. Talk to a therapist or grief counselor.  When grief becomes overwhelming and nothing else seeems to help, it is likely time to call a mental health professional.
  5. Take care of yourself.  Getting enough rest, eating nutritional foods, excercising and taking time off can assist in helping you feel better and more functional.